Carbon Fiber
The Rear Deck Spoiler is an aerodynamic component that can be used alone or in conjunction with other aerodynamic
components to improve the overall efficiency of a vehicle's aerodynamic package. The APR Performance Rear Deck
Spoiler integrates with the vehicle's rear deck to:

- Reduce rear-end lift and increase high-speed cornering grip (the magnitude varies depending on a vehicle's shape).
- Increase downforce and reduce drag when used with other aerodynamic components (i.e. rear wing, rear diffuser, etc.).

Factory-like fitment
  • This vehicle-specific component is designed to match the contours of the vehicle's rear deck area, for a factory-
    like fitment.

Carbon Fiber Construction
  • This component is formed in the autoclave at high temperatures using pre-pregnated carbon fiber
    manufacturing processes, for high strength and low weight.

UV Resistant Coating
  • Each Rear Deck Spoiler is finished with UV-resistant clear-coat paint for resistance against various
    environmental conditions (take care of this as you would take care of your vehicle's paint finish - polish then
    coat with good-quality wax or synthetic protectant).

Mounting Hardware Included
  • Screws, nuts and bolts are all included to allow you to install the APR Rear Deck Spoiler to your vehicle.
Carbon Fiber

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